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Makinate represents a window on the used industrial machines market for all the professionals.

End users of small, medium and big companies, Resellers of used machines, Free-lance and Representatives have now at their disposal through our on-line catalogue www.makinate.com an efficient and dynamic tool to sell and to buy used industrial machines and equipments.

Makinate works in the following sectors:

The team of Makinate is composed of young and dynamic people with a great experience earned in these sectors during many years.

Internet and much more!

  1. Technical experience: you'll never walk alone. When you are buying an used machine or when you are selling your used machines, our skilled team will lead you and advice you at any step of the deal.
  2. Multilingual team: our agents speak fluently 5 languages. Makinate agents will follow you during all the process of buying or selling a used machine, speaking your same mother tongue and facilitating the communication between buyer and seller. Our website is translated in five languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, and we are planning to add many others in the near future.
  3. Close support during buying and selling process: thanks to our experience in used industrial machines, our Team will be always on your side for advising and providing you useful tips for buying or selling used industrial machines. Makinate provides, if needed, the presence of his agent during the inspection on site of the used machine and during the loading of the machine before shipment.

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