Promote your activity in Europe and all around the world by exploiting Makinate commercial net.

Makinate provide customized advertising tools aimed to promote your company and your industrial activity in a targeted and efficient way.
You can rely on customized tools in synergy with your existing marketing strategy in order to get an absolute visibility among all our contacts and website visitors, decision makers of all industrial sectors of the world.

You can decide: WHERE, WHEN, HOW MUCH, HOW and to WHOM your campaign will be directed.
You can decide the FREQUENCY, the WIDTH, the CONTENT and the INCISIVENESS of the messages you want to communicate to your potential clients for commercial purpose.
Our skilled agents will lead you and they will advise you anyhow.

Here below some effective samples of Makinate advertising tools

Index Banners on top of the pages of our website.

Banners inside our Periodic General Newsletter sent to all our contacts. It is the ideal solution for reaching a wider audience among all industrial sectors of the world.

Banners inside our Periodic Category Newsletter sent to all our contacts of a specific industrial sector. This newsletter aim to reach and catch the eye of a specific category of industrial professionals. All these professionals share a unique passion for a specific industrial sector.
It is the ideal solution for reaching a specific audience target.

Banners inside our Periodic Machinery Newsletter sent to all those contacts who are interested in a specific type of used industrial machines or a specific industrial production. This Newsletter represents the perfect solution for reaching an extremely precise target, just as a sniper!

Blog Articles published on our industrial blog. The right solution for those who intend to master and to study in deep a specific industrial topic.

Feel free to contact us for further information or to request a quotation.

Other Makinate advertising tools available for our advertisers

For all our partners, resellers of used industrial machines, consultants and end users, we have designed two dedicated tools for increasing the visibility and the attractiveness of yours used machines published on

Hot deal: this tool allows you to have yours machines always on top of our catalogue, consequently even more visible to Makinate's website visitors.

If you need to sell your used machine as soon as possible then you might be interested on our dedicated tool Make an Offer.

Make an offer: this option allows you to receive offers directly from potential buyers. You are free to accept them or not.

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