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Furthermore if you have no time to add your used machines by your own we will do it for you. You just need to contact us and one of our agents will take care of your used machines.

Step by step we explain you how to proceed on publishing and selling your used machines with Makinate

1. Register for free (click here for registering for free)
2. Add one by one all your used machines from your account. If you have no time please contact us. We will do it for you.
3. Makinate will assign you a personal Makinate Agent. He or she will take care of the promotion and commercialising of your used machines. The Makinate Agent will be always at your disposal for discussing together with you possible more effective selling strategies in order to optimize and maximize all potential opportunities.
4. Potential buyers will be selected by our Agents and only those who are seriously interested on proceeding with the purchase of your machines will be directly intermediate to you.
5. Only at this stage Makinate will ask you to protect our potential buyer with a commission agreement.
6. The commission must be agreed by you and our Agents and it will be applied by Makinate only after effective sales, only in case the buyer intermediated by Makinate will buy the machine.
7. Makinate will invoice you only after you have well receives the total amount related to the machine sold.

For further information concerning buying and selling used machines and our commission system we invite you to read carefully our conditions of use. You can also ask directly to your Makinate agent.

A customized service for you

End users of small - middle size companies and big industrial groups

No matter if you are a small company or a big industrial group, discover all advantages you can get publishing and selling your used machines with Makinate. We invite you to read the page we have dedicated to End users


If you are a professional reseller of used industrial machines and industrial equipment we have reserved for you a lot of attention and we have carefully designed our website all around your business. We invite you to cooperate with us and together we'll start building profitable synergies. Please have a look at the page we have dedicated to Resellers

Consultants of used industrial machines

If you work in the amazing world of the industrial machines and industrial automation, if you represent manufacturers of new machines and you find often used machines for sale, do not hesitate to contact us for helping you on expanding your business. The opportunities are always next to you, be ready to recognize them. Please read carefully the page we have dedicated to you to discover all the advantages you can get working with us: Consultants

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