Do you want to sell your used machines?

How does Makinate work

Makinate represents a window on the used industrial machines market for all the professionals.

Sellers of used machines

Our service is free. You can easily add for free your machines on our website for increasing the possibilities of selling your used machines worldwide. You can add your machines by clicking the button "Publish your machine for free". It' easy and fast, you can add all your used machines for sale together with technical details and an unlimited number of pictures or videos.
If you have no time for doing it by your own, our Team will do it for you. You just need to contact us! Our agents will be glad on helping you adding your used machines, taking all needed information directly from your website or sending us all information by e-mail
Your used machines will be immediately added on our catalogue and online, all your used machines will be directly available for all potential buyers from all around the world.
Furthermore we will study and use effective customized marketing tools for increasing the effectiveness of the ads and making your used machines even more attractive for the buyers from all around the world.

Makinate's Best Sellers will be rewarded by positioning their best used machines on top of our catalogue, these ads will be highlighted with "Hot Deal" tag and will be even more visible for potential buyers.
If you need to make space in your workshop or for any reason you need to sell as quick as possible your used machines then "Make an offer" the option available on our catalogue would be the right solution for you. Your used machines will be highlighted by the "Make an offer" tag and consequently all potential buyers will forward you their best offer that obviously you are free to accept or not. Contact us and we will add this option to your used machines.

Buyers of used machines

Buying through Makinate is free!
Our mission is to keep constantly the lowest price you'll never find on the web. We are engage to keep providing used machines at the right price, the fairest one always in line with market prices and machines conditions. Furthermore we will provide you all useful tips for making easier your used machine purchase. We will help you also on dealing with the logistic and shipment of the machine.
The purchase of one or more used machines, it represents always an important step for all companies, no matter if small, medium or large companies. Makinate will follow you step by step in such task and we will support you anyhow for reaching your goals and a successful deal.