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Makinate is a reality distinguished by several affiliated companies, each of which contributes to the success of itself and of the whole group. All the companies in the group work in absolute strategy pursuing common medium and long-term objectives. The companies of the group have their own legal and commercial headquarters in Italy and Slovenia, effectively constituting an international group in the heart of manufacturing Europe. To date, the composition of the Group is as follows:

Industrialbay srl (Italy)

Company specialized in buying and selling used machine tools. Industrialbay is based in one of the most industrialized and most important areas for the metalworking sector in Europe. The company is based in Lombardy, a region in northern Italy, close to all Milan airports. Industrialbay has consolidated, in its more than 20 years of business, business relations and exchanges with most of the mechanical workshops in central and northern Italy.

Makinate d.o.o. (Slovenia)

Company specialized in buying and selling used machine tools, used sheet metal machines, used packaging machinery and used plastic processing machines. The company based in Koper is about 5 minutes from the Italian city of Trieste, 1 hour from Ljubljana and 1 hour and a half from the international airport of Venice. The headquarter, the administrative offices and the logistic center of the Group are based in Koper, Makinate operates all over the world.

HD machines s.p. (Slovenia)

Based in Koper. It is specialized in the intermediation of used machine tools.

H&S machines (Slovenia)

The company mainly deals with the purchase, promotion and direct marketing of all the industrial machinery belonging to the group's partner companies.
The company also deals with mechanical and electronic overhauling of used machine tools and used packaging machinery and packaging lines.
Last but not least, the company takes care of the logistics and storage of used machinery for sale belonging to the companies of the Group.

Makinews (Slovenia)

Company dedicated to the Group's marketing and promotional activities.

For any information regarding the composition of our group or a single company please contact us.

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