Our history

End of the 80s – The Genesis

David Rota works in the small family mechanical workshop in the province of Bergamo in Italy. He is engaged as an operator specialized in turning and milling, entering for the first time in close contact with machine tools. During these years, he developed a strong passion for machinery that he uses daily, mainly lathes and milling machines. Fascinated by the machinery with which he works he follows with particular attention the important technological evolution that crosses the entire metalworking sector in those years.

1990s - Field experience

The passion for machine tools combined with the interest in technological aspects related to industrial production push David Rota to start the career in the field of representation of major international manufacturers of machine tools. This experience will lead David Rota to get in touch with most of the metalworking realities of Northern Italy, strengthening and refining his passion for this sector more and more.

Years 2000 - The first steps and the birth of Industrial bay

The Makinate project takes concrete form during these years.
Digital technology and internet are increasingly present and protagonists in people's everyday lives. David Rota with extreme foresight immediately understood the potential of the network if exploited as the main commercial platform for the sale and promotion of used machine tools.
He found, therefore, Industrialbay company focused on the commercialization through the web of used machine tools throughout Italy. Within a very short time Industrialbay established itself as a leading company in Italy in the sale of used machine tools thanks to the exploitation of the visibility made possible by Internet.

Year 2012 - The beginning of a new era

David Rota after 12 years of Industrialbay experience meets his future partner and co-founder of Makinate Diego Sforza.
Diego Sforza boasts excellent experiences abroad in the international trade of industrial plants, both new and used, and he is extremely attentive to the digital world and to the industrial supply networks that exploit the web platform.
Immediately between the two, a fruitful collaboration is born and matures over time. Diego and David immediately think about how to target the successful business model of Industrialbay on a global scale. Therefore, transferring it from the Italian national market and adapting it to the rest of the world with particular preference for the European market. Makinate is born.

Year 2016 - The expansion

The Makinate project is a success. In order to continue supporting the natural expansion and guaranteeing its international vocation, the registered office and operational offices are moved to Koper in Slovenia, a very important port area with several landing places for commercial vessels about 5 minutes from the Italian border and the city of Trieste. The company opens its doors to new commercial sectors and begins to dedicate itself also to the sale of used machines for the processing and deformation of sheet metal and used machinery for the processing of plastic.
In 2016 the new web portal dedicated to the sale and purchase of used industrial machinery is launched www.makinate.com

Year 2017 - Consolidation

Makinate continues to grow, consequently in February this year it changed its company name becoming a Limited Liability Company (Ltd). The team expands with the recruitment of new technical and commercial staff.

Year 2018

Makinate launch again a new sector, it begins with enthusiasm and a lot of effort the experience in trading of used packaging machinery.

The rest is history of these days ...

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