Registered Trade mark

Makinate believes in the immense quality of the work produced by its employees and its founders. Makinate also believes that the product of our work and the services offered are characterized by a strong sense of uniqueness and genuineness determined precisely by the strong sense of value that we recognize in the daily work of our people.

In order to protect these values and their image from potential misconduct by private individuals and by competitors and non-competitors, Makinate firmly pursues every vain attempt to damage its image and the work of its employees.

Among the various protection tools activated by the company there is the protection of intellectual property that is expressed through the tool of the Trade Mark. The Trade Mark immediately brings the mind of the user back to our distinctive characters and values that distinguish and shape our success.

The protection of the Trademark is guaranteed by its registration to the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The relevant data have been entered in the Register of Trademarks of the European Union.

The Makinate Trade Mark was published in the European Union Trade Marks Bulletin no. 2017/082.

Trademarks, symbols, logos, services, websites, domains, servers, which refer to Makinate and which refer to this website belong to Makinate doo and no physical or legal person may have the right to use one of our trademarks prior to written consent of the owner of the mark itself. All uses that are not regularly authorized are forbidden and therefore punishable according to the laws in force.

For any questions about the registered trademarks by Makinate and other companies of the same group, please contact us.

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