End users of small middle size and industrial groups

Do you have a machine, several machines or an entire production line to sell?

Some of your machines are out of production since long time and you would like to return on your initial investment?

You don't want to close out your industrial equipments at auction?

Do you think that the manufacturer underestimates your machine by buying it and selling you a new one?

Do you want to take advantage of all the sales channels?

Do you want to take the advantage to offer your machines to buyers everywhere in the world and not only to local clients?

Do you want to obtain the maximum of the sale of your used machine?

If the answers to one or more of these questions are YES, Makinate can help you to sell your used machines at the right price and without managing all the promotional and commercial phases, which require a lot of time.

We remind you that:

Makinate assigns to each company a sales agent – with him you will establish a strong sales strategy.

The Makinate's agent will support you during all the process.

Your agent knows your business activity and has also technical knowledge.

Our team speak fluently 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

Our service is non exclusive: you can offer your used machines through other sales channels.


You can publish your machines on our website for free!

Before to start the deal, you will agree with your agent on a commission in case of sale.

The commission will be effective only in case of sale of your machine thanks to our intermediation service.

You will have to pay our commission only after having received our invoice and only after the client pays you the entire amount of the sold machine.

How to publish your industrial used machine

Your ad will be on-line and will be promoted till it will be sold.

You can publish an unlimited number of machines on our website, without any additional cost.

In addition to his own catalogue, Makinate will use strong marketing tools to promote for free your used machines.

Publishing your machines is free, easy and fast. Click on the button here below to register for free and to begin adding your machines with technical details and pictures.

For further information on how to publish your machines on our website, you can have a look on our page "Sell".

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