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AFV 6015
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This continuous machine is used to open, fill and close open and closed ampoules. This filler is designed as a rotary; It consists of a stainless steel cabinet on which the individual stations are built. The cabinet itself contains all drive units. At the front of the machine are the inlet conveyor belt and the outlet of the finished ampoules. The ampoule filler has the following processing range:

Ampoule diameter: max. 23 mm
Ampoule height: max. 150 mm
Dosing range: from 0.25 to 32 ml
Power range: max. 18,000 ampoules / hour

The objects to be filled are placed directly on a conveyor belt woven from stainless steel and guided against a feed screw. This results in the orderly transfer of the individual ampoules in the rotary, which leads the ampoules through the individual stations. The objects themselves are held in spring-loaded pairs of rollers that rotate the objects throughout the process.
The machine is equipped with a 6-digit filling station as well as a pre- and post-fumigation station.

The pumps for this purpose are held on a separate bracket, which is built on the rear part of the machine.
The filling volume is made on a scale handwheel. Parallel to this, an individual fine adjustment is possible for each pump. The dosing fine adjustment and filling quantity control can be done easily by the single dosing device. The dosing unit, which is equipped with four rotary lobe pumps, achieves a filling accuracy of plus / minus 0.2 - 0.3%.
Installing and removing the two-piece pumps for cleaning and sterilizing is easy. The filling, gassing, and closing process is carried out by up and down movement of the individual stations and with simultaneous rotation of the carousel, in which the ampoules are continuously - each 6 objects per machine cycle - passed through the machine.

At the capping station, the ampoules are warmed up by means of a gas flame at the level of the neck of the ampoule and put into a plastic state. At the same time grabs take the glass residue, pull it off the ampoule and throw it over a chute into a suitable container.
As a result of the rotation of the ampoules, a smooth closing surface on the ampoules takes place, and the now finished objects are transferred out of the carousel to a format-dependent discharge wheel. This wheel ensures the orderly outlet of the ampoules from the machine.
The finished ampoules can be inserted into magazines or similar containers, but these are to be provided by the future user.
The conversion to other ampoule sizes is done by replacing complete format parts, which are used by means of centering. The power range of the machine is max. 18,000 ampoules / hour, depending on the dosage and viscosity of the medium to be filled. The machine comes with a format set for 2 and 5 ml ampoules.
The machine is mounted on a control panel, which has all the necessary controls, such. B. mechanical distance meter, potentiometer, tachometer, etc., controlled.
Various flow meters for oxygen / gas and inert gas are also grown. A laminar flow unit attached to the ceiling is included with the machine.

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Specific Details

open & closed
300 u/m

Conditions and size

2000 mm
1600 mm
1600 mm
920 kg
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