Used Bausch & Stroebel DST 9010 sterilization tunnel

DST 9010
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Maximum container diameter 35 mm
Maximum container height 150 mm

Sterilization tunnels are used in pharmaceutical industry filling lines to sterilize glass containers before being filled aseptically. The vials, washed and still partially wet, arrive in quantity from the previous machine and are pushed onto the conveyor belt by the unloading mechanism. The conveyor belt travels in about 45 minutes in intermittent steps through 3 different areas, drying, sterilizing and cooling. A jet of air at the conveyor entry point provides the excess air pressure in the tunnel which serves on one side for drying and on the other as a barrier against the entry of external air. The heating elements are provided in the center of the tunnel around the conveyor belt that heat the vials to the desired sterilization temperature, generally up to 400 ° C. The vials are cooled in the third zone by an air flow and an extraction fan. At the end of the conveyor belt the vials are pushed onto a transfer plate on the conveyor belt of the next machine where the vials are filled and sealed. The intermittent movement of the conveyor belt is controlled through a time relay and microswitches mounted on the power supply. Excellent accessibility and ease of operation.

Fully automatic, universal continuous flow sterilization tunnel. B&S installations are ideal for the sterilization of glass containers, injection bottles, bottles, vials, cartridges and ready-to-use syringes. This model is exceptional for the short passage through the tunnel which is the result of the laminar hot air flow process with its high degree of efficiency.

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