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Automatic horizontal boxing machine with alternating movements, with devices for checking the presence of the material in the drawer, checking the presence of the product, the case and the product in the packaging, electrical safety on the product pusher, plexiglass protections with safety devices, emergency buttons in positions of maximum accessibility, control panel with display of stops.

The realization of the case, by means of an articulated blade inserted into the carton to ensure a good pre-formation, allows to use a low weight even in the case of square section or cardboard formats with imperfect gluing and / or bending. The perfect introduction of the product (even irregular shape / size) is guaranteed by the insertion of the mobile clamp inside the box, avoiding any uncontrolled passage of the product. It is also avoided that the products move away from the carton with the help of the spring guides that close automatically during the return stroke of the pusher.
The use of closed profile cams with surface hardening treatment guarantees the reliability of all motorized movements over time. Particular attention has been given to the cleaning of the machine under the carton transport sector, where possible residues of product or packaging material are collected in an easily accessible collection area. As with all CAM machines, the PMM is equipped with the Mechanical Memory ® system, transforming the format change process into a series of pre-defined rapid operations, which can be carried out by non-specialized personnel and this allows the production to be resumed immediately without the need for further adjustments. Plexiglass protection. Complete with GUK benders and Blister feeder.

Product width min-max 15-90 mm
Product height min-max 12-70 mm
Product length min-max 50-200 mm
Production speed 25-140 cartons / min
Type of closure: interlocking

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Specific Details

pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceutical, food, others
140 /min
50 mm
200 mm
15 mm
90 mm
12 mm
70 mm

Conditions and size

2300 mm
1600 mm
1650 mm
1400 kg
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