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Used GML SPA case packer


Case packers(79)


Power consumption KW 1,5
Electric frequency Hz 50
Operating voltage Volt 230
Phases 1
Compressed air bar 6

Independent system, to be affixed to an aspirator, intended for filling cardboard boxes. The machine is made up of a stainless steel structure AISI 304, equipped with moving wheels. The unit is equipped with a suction cup head with a suction cup, which is driven by pneumatic units on two axes: horizontal and vertical. The vacuum required for suction cups is obtained by using a Venturi type system.

Semi-automatic monobloc capable of grouping the products into boxes, introducing them into storage cartridges previously taken out of the warehouse, formed and positioned at the open inlet so as to allow the hopper and the hopper to fill, completed which two lateral transport groups, which serve to maintain the correct square of the cardboard, convey the same towards the exit. The machine stacks products and inserts the bundles thus obtained in previously formatted shipping cartons. This system allows the machine to work minimizing disadvantages and waste. The envelope is made of: base, product feeding mat, forming unit (stacking section). From the ribbon comes the boxes already packed. Two photocells give consent to the full row thruster that moves the cartridges into the preforming area of ​​the machine. Once the sheet is complete it is deposited in the cardboard box.
The machine allows you to select the program according to the type of product processed, size 2 or 5 mg.
To change the size, stop the machine's automatic cycle.

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Specific Details

pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceutical, food, others

Conditions and size

1400 mm
600 mm
1500 mm

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