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Due to its great versatility and easy format change, it can be equipped to carry out any type of product (blister, bottles, tubes, etc.)

This machine is provided with a vertical transport of the cases with intermittent movements, and has been studied to allow an easy and quick change of format to satisfy eventual and frequent production changes.
With this machine you completely solve the problem of conditioning small or large production series with ease of use and operational safety.

- The cartoner VC 75, is a machine of alternative movements that has a great versatility of production, since within the limits of dimensions of its formats, it is also very vast the range of products of all types of industries in which it is used. (Pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, etc.)
- The speed of production varies between 18 and 60 cases per minute, by means of a system of expandable pulleys.
- 0.75 HP engine
- The dimensions of the cases admitted are the following:
A (Width): From minimum 20 mm to maximum 140 mm.
B (High): From minimum 15 mm to maximum 76 mm.
C (Length): From minimum 60 mm to maximum 200 mm.
- The cases are transported vertically by a chain of teeth
adjustable, so they are taken from a warehouse by a broadsword that is inserted inside the folded case, and opens it at the same time that transports it to leave it located between the teeth of this chain that will transport it through the successive stations of the work cycle , Which are the following:
- Folding of the lower lateral wings towards the inside, and at the same time opening the upper lateral wings towards the outside.
- Marking of code or batch in the lower flap, by incision or inking.
- Closing the bottom of the case by recessed.
- Introduction of the folded brochure that is taken from a warehouse by a system of suction cups (Optional).
- Manual feeding area (or transfer tubes) of the product in the cases that go with the upper part open.
- Control of product presence by means of a feeler that acts in case of presence of case and lack of its content, stopping the machine.
- Closure of the upper part of the case by recess.
- Exit in a row face to face of the closed cases.
- The feeding of the product has a zone for two and even three operators, thus giving the possibility of having to place more than one element in the same case. In addition, the alternate movement of the machine facilitates this manual introduction of the product
- The machine is silent, with its maximum noise level, well below that established by international standards.
- The securities and protections have been specially studied. When removing the protections, the machine is electrically locked.
- The motors are protected by thermal motors, and the control circuits are protected by low voltage (24 volts) as established by international standards.

 Formats available with the machine:
-For case 43 x 43 x 118 mm (c)
-For case of 76 x 76 x 61 mm (c)

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Specific Details

pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceutical, food, others
60 /min
20 mm
140 mm
15 mm
76 mm
60 mm
200 mm

Conditions and size

In production
3200 mm
1850 mm
1870 mm
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