Used Zalkin CA3PM capping machine

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Frequency Hz 50
Voltage 380 Volt
Formats present ml 60/250

The entire construction in stainless steel. The machine can be easily cleaned after use, however you must avoid wetting the control panel and crimping heads after checking that the panels that close the base are in place. After cleaning, lubricate the machine and especially the heads. The speed variation of the machine is carried out by the AOIP drive. Formats currently present for 60 ml and 250 ml bottles.

AC type capping machines are suitable for sealing, screw capping and capping at speeds varying from 3,500 to 60,000 caps per hour (depending on the type of cap and bottle used). The "PM" Zalkin automatic capping machine is designed for the application of caps on small bottles. A vine introduces the vials so as to place them on the entry star's lodgings. The vial is transferred to the central star and takes a capsule at the lower end of the feed chute. The bottle is then taken from the central star and held under a crimping head that comes down thanks to the action of a cam. The capping is carried out and the bottle is returned to the conveyor of the exit star.

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Specific Details

pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceutical

Conditions and size

2170 mm
1080 mm
2050 mm
1500 kg
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